entartung (entartung) wrote in smallbany_bikes,

gripe about bicycle un-friendliness

I know this community is mainly a bulletin board for the albany bicycling community, but...

today was my first time riding the washington avenue/fuller road area: fun! First, a hummer (of all cars) came up behind me. leaned on the horn. feeling edgy, i flipped them off. they honked again, i pumped my arm and cheered sarcastically.

as you get nearer to the on and off ramps for the highway, traffic speeds up drastically. Another car invaded my personal space on fuller, and i came closer to being swiped than ever before. here i would have gone on the sidewalk, but it was filthy and probably less safe than the road!

On the ride home, i said eff this, i'm taking central avenue partway back and cutting down the backroads. Central has little to no shoulder and lots of traffic so i ended up riding on the sidewalk. Despite the miles of sidewalks these roads are not designed for human life, so i didn't need to worry about pedestrians, but i felt wimpy anyway. The sidewalks had lots of wheelchair ramps between the businesses of driveways. Riding up and down on them was, i daresay, fun.

My commute (i work on Fuller) was twenty minutes each way. i'd like to ride to work as often as possible, but i fear for my life.

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