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Albany Skill Share, 9/29, Finalized workshop info and descriptions

please forward...

albany skill share
saturday september 29th
registration starts at 10:30a the day of at
the albany free school
8 elm st.

here's the final workshop list.  i apologize for all the changes that have
been made, i've been scrambling to get everything done, but i think we
have a great group of workshops and i hope y'all can make it for at least
part of the day.

if we are going to provide free childcare all day, we need two volunteers
to cover 3:30p - 5:00p.  anyone who's interested please give me a call at
429-8233.  volunteers get in to the event for free.

there is free childcare for the other two slots, as well as a free lunch
(at the free school) and a potluck dinner at the bread oven.  also, check
out the article about the skill share in the TU by  Danielle Furfaro at



Demystifying Bread - A Bread Baking Workshop, Facilitator: Betsy
Mercogliano (1:30p - 3p; 4 Wilbur St. Lot)

Often, people say to me that making bread seems so challenging, where for
me it is easy, fun, creative and meditative, honestly. So, let's make
bread together and bake it in our outdoor, community oven. This will be
yeasted, wheat-based bread, though alternatives will be discussed. We will
eat bread together by the end of the afternoon!

Betsy Mercogliano, amateur bread enthusiast!


Theatre of the Oppressed, Facilitator: Mike Guidice (1:30pm - 3; 8 Elm St.
1st Floor)

Theater of the oppressed is a process of dialogue. It is to know and
transform both the position of the oppressed and the oppressor. Our lives
and our relationships in the modren world have become mechanized, our
bodies have become the vessels for rituals that perpetuate oppression and
violence. Theater of the oppressed is a system of games and techniques
that seeks to cast light on these rituals and undo this mechanization.
From here we are then free to dialoque and explore our uniques
relationships to oppression and our individual and collective paths
towards libaration.

Mike Guidice lives on grand street and has been part of the albany free
school for 7 yrs. He is the father of a wonderful daughter and enjoys late
night games of hearts. Recently He has been developing his role as a
theater of the oppressed facilitator/joker working with several different
communities and organizations. He hopes to continue to use theater of the
oppressed as a tool to uncover our relationship to oppression and mutually
find the road toward liberation.


Urban Gardening, Facilitator: Leah Penniman (11a - 12:30p; 105 Grand St.
1st Floor)

It is possible and relatively simple to grow 50-100% of your vegetables
and fruits, year round, in a small garden plot and on your kitchen
counter. Join us for a tour of some of the urban gardens of this
neighborhood. We will discuss special considerations for urban growing and
taste some of the bounty.

Leah Penniman has been growing food on organic farms and in urban gardens
for 11 seasons. She also teaches high school biology, mothers two
children, and speaks up for social justice.


Wilderness Skills: Tracking, Facilitator: Dan Yacobellis (3:30p - 5p; 98
Grand St. Rear)

Dan Yacobellis, wilderness skills educator and tracker will take you
through the back yard and alley of 98 grand st. and show you what and how
to look for signs
of recent animal activity. we'll also take a trip into the inner world of
nature awareness to see how the animals communicate with each other to
keep aware of any
possible dangers as they go about there daily business.


Simple Solar, Facilitator: Jessica Baldwin (11a - 12:30p; Meet at 98 Grand
St. Porch)

With a sun in the solar system, very little technical background, a phone
number to order with and the same amount of money you would spend on a
rent deposit, all your basic electrical needs can be supplied by
photovoltaic panels by next week I will make diagrams on how to install
panels and charge controller, talk about Amps and watts, make sure
everyone can put on wire nuts, provide phone numbers to get catalogs and
do a rough price breakdown.

Jessica Baldwin is a plumber, motherartist born and raised in upstate NY.
Her goal is to not submit to modern standards until and unless she has
discovered the fundamentals on an individual level which govern the way by
which to function in a sustainable culture.


Rain Barrels, Facilitator: Anthony Littlejohn (11a - 12:30p; 98 Grand St.

[Anthony will be rebuilding the rain barrel setup behind the Ironweed
House at 98 Grand St.]

My name is Anthony Littlejohn, I live around the corner @ 7 Elm, and I
like (crossed out) love it when things work the first time.


Build A Bike Trailer, Facilitator: Troy Bike Rescue (1:30p - 3p; 15
Trinity Place)

TBR is a bicycle recycling collective founded in 2001. We collect, repair,
recycle, and redistribute bikes in the capital region.We also build
monster bikes, pedal powered machines, and other
bikely things. This workshop will be focused on building trailers, which
have utilitarian and safety value on the road. Three welders of varying
skill and experience will be on hand to assist attendees with their
creations. Many of you have probably seen the TBR tallbike/freakbikes
around town, and can look forward to having unique and useful machines to
assist with lugging
free stuff, grocery shopping, attention grabbing, or anything else you can
think of."


How to Influence City Politics, Tom McPheeters (1:30p - 3p; 15 Trinity Place)

My topic is "influence city politics." What that means, to me, is
understanding how power is held and used in the city, and also in the
county and state governments, and understanding how to be in
relationship with power when appropriate and how to influence and impact
power at other times. This is almost second nature to free school teachers
and supporters because they have had to navigate the power relationships
of city government and also the education and health bureaucracy for many
years. We also relate to power in advocating for our neighborhood and the
people who live in it, as well as our work on larger issues.

My understanding of political power was shaped by about 25 years as a
newspaper reporter and editor, most if it in this area, and my
understanding of community power was shaped by my training in community
organizing through ARISE, which is a faith-based community organizing
project that follows the principles laid out by Saul Alinsky fifty years
ago. I am currently the executive director of Grand Street Community Arts
and the neighborhood representative to the South End Action Committee. I
also have served as a Democratic committeeman.


Intro to Wild Edibles, Facilitator: Liz Wagner (1:30p - 3p, 98 Grand St.)

Every good relationship starts with an introduction. Emphasizing quality
over quantity of plant meet-and-greets, we'll whet your appetite for your
edible neighborhood dwellers. This class caters to beginners, but even if
you've been into plants you may learn something about getting to know your
old friends a bit better and you are very welcome to share what you know.

Liz Wagner is a life-long lover of woods and wild places, who got into
wild edibles after a summer of mass-murdering "weeds" on a Vermont farm.
She lives in Grafton, NY today, where her garden this year has been more
weeds than vegetables.


Rocket Stoves, Facilitator: Skotty Kellog (11a-12:30p; 4 Wilbur St. Lot )

Rocket stoves are portable, high efficiency insulated cook stoves built
from recycled materials that can cook food using relatively small amounts
of wood. In this workshop, we'll build one.

Scott Kellogg is a co-founder of the Rhizome Collective in Ausin, Tx, and
resides part of the year in Albany. He is the facilitator of the RUST
(Radical Urban Sustainability Training)and is a dad, teacher, and former
circus bunny.


Raw Foods: Sprouts, Facilitator: Jen Pursley (3:30p - 5p; 105 Grand St.
2nd Floor)

living foods are all about enzymes. before human beings started cooking
with fire, their food was chock full of those wonderful little catalyzing
proteins, which are destroyed at 116 degrees. breathing, sleeping, eating,
digestion, nutrient absorption, thinking, moving, working, growing, blood
coagulation, immunity, dreaming, sex, excitement, reproduction and sensory
perception are all dependent on enzymes. learn how to incorporate live,
enzyme-rich food into your diet and budget (with a special emphasis on
sprouting) and experience a whole new level of health
and well-being.

jen pursley lives on grand street and has been conciously experimenting
with and benefiting from living foods for the past 4 years. from working
on a raw permaculture farm in costa rica to facilitating workshops and
making dinner with friends, she still finds her raw cinnamon buns her
greatest accomplishment.


Natural Paints & Stains, Facilitator: Dylan Boyce (3:30p - 5p; 8 Elm St.
2nd Floor)

For this workshop i am going to focus on playing with the raw materials
that go into natural paints and stains, in the hopes that everyone can get
a feel for what role clay, sand, straw, iron oxide, linseed oil and citrus
cleaners have in the aints and stains themselves. My plan at this point is
to put all of these ingredients out, share some basic principles, and let
participants experiment by making paint and stain and then using it on
wood, metal, sheet rock, etc. If we have time i'd like to take a tour of
what some people in our neighborhood have done with this non-toxic
alternative to latex and oil based paints & stains.

Dylan Boyce is a radical dude!!! He likes cats!!! He is up late and very

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