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Dear ABC-ers:

Please recall that there WILL NOT BE an ABC meeting in December.

Our next meeting will be in January. It is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, 1/31. There is a possibility that we may "vote" to change the day to accommodate more schedules. Stay tuned!

Our Critical Mass rides are scheduled fro December 28 and January 25.

We'll have a lot to do in 2008 including –

Implementing the Bicycle Benefits program in the Albany Metro area,
Working on bicycle safety/awareness issues,
Keeping bike-ped issues in the spotlight,
Supporting, promoting, and riding in May’s “Ride of Silence" in Albany,
Exhibiting at April’s Sports and Fitness exhibition,
Hosting more rides, and
"Politicking" to get things D-O-N-E.
Even if you are unable to attend meetings, please step forward to help in these efforts. Watch the list serve mailings and the meeting notes. A few diehards can only accomplish a little. Encourage your bike-ped acquaintances to sign up for the ABC list serve so that they can be aware and, perhaps, be moved to become active and supportive.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lorenz M. Worden
(518) 489-0866
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